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Information for Health Care Professionals

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Recognition of the sick child and their subsequent management is a vital skill for healthcare professionals.  Whilst there’s  a wealth of information that’s available we’ve drawn together some key sites to get you started.


“Spotting the Sick Child” is an award winning free e-learning package available from


The UK resuscitation council offers the following courses


The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has produced the following guidelines on childhood illness



Information for Parents

All parents find out that children are often unwell. On average a young child will be unwell 7-10 times a year sometimes more if they or their siblings attend nursery or child care. Fortunately in the UK most are self limiting viral illnesses which are easily managed at home and cause no long term harm.


Unfortunately there are some serious diseases like meningitis that may initially present with symptoms similar to more minor illnesses but rapidly progress to become life threatening. The key to survival from such serious illness is early diagnosis and treatment. Parents soon become experts in their children’s health and should have confidence in trusting their instincts and telling health care professionals of their fears or worries.

Learning about the symptoms and signs of serious childhood diseases will help you have the confidence to take the first vital step of seeking medical advice or seeking further advice if your child becomes more unwell after an initial assessment.


There are many excellent symptom guide resources on the internet here are two of the best.



There are also a number of Apps that are available for Smart Phones that serve as a handy reference.



The Department of Health recommends immunisation against several serious childhood diseases including some types of meningitis.


Further information about immunisation should be sought from your own doctor or health visitor. However, there is not at present a vaccine that covers all types of meningitis so awareness of the disease is still important.

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There are a number of ways that you can contact us or keep tabs on what we’re doing.

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Meningitis UK

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