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A helping hand... in the fight against meningitis

“I had a great time coming to school in non-uniform and it's for a great cause too!  We are thinking of you, Adam ”


“I'm very sorry about Lucie and we have had a great day of fun raising money for Meningitis Uk!  Our class wish you a Merry Christmas Riley X”


“We hope we have raised lots of money for and more people are aware of it.  We are really sorry about Lucie.  Love from Jade”


“I am really sorry to hear that Lucie caught meningitis but we have had a really good time raising money, we hope it helps Robert”


“I'm so sorry about your loss.  We have got lots of money for your charity.  I hope you are both ok?  Harry”


“I am so very sorry about Lucie.  I will never forget her I saw her on the website and she was very cute.  Connor XX”


“I am so sorry about Lucie, I hope this day means something to you.  We want to do everything to fight it.  Love from Atlanta”


“Hi, I am so sorry about what happened to Lucie.  I am happy that we are doing this we hope it helps.  From Ella”


Kincraig Primary School

The pupils spent a lot of time preparing to make the day a great success.  Activities spanned making posters and reindeer food to making decorations and leaflets on the signs and symptoms of meningitis.  


As well as all the great fundraising activities, pupils also learnt about meningitis and studied various websites and print outs.


The children also wrote some beautifully touching messages for Jon and Trish and hung them on the school’s Christmas tree.

So very many thanks to all those kind messages.  We didn’t have enough room to list them all but here are just some of them.

The Year 4/5 pupils of Kincraig Primary School showing their support

Messages of support on the Xmas Tree

Well wishes

Cake stall manned awaiting customers

Preparing Reindeer Food

Getting the decorations ready

In memory of Lucie