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a 5 metre swell made progress even more difficult”


As a result, what was anticipated to be a 15 day crossing took 21 days. This meant that food and water had to be rationed – not easy on a racing yacht with temperatures often above 35C.  


When “Eira” crossed the finishing line in Saint Lucia she had travelled a total of 3192 miles. With numerous ripped sails, countless running repairs and many cuts and bruises it was a challenging journey. “Even with these circumstances we had some fantastic times and many, many laughs” Dave reported. “it was an amazing experience”

Dave’s Atlantic Adventure

On the 21st November 2010, Dave Youds joined 10 other crew members aboard the Finnish yacht “Eira” taking part in the  ARC 2010 transatlantic race from Gran Canaria to the Caribbean. Dave was making this crossing in Lucie’s memory and with the aim of raising funds for MeningitisUK


The crew made good progress and averaged 150 miles a day but, as you might expect some days were better than others.  “For the first week there was hardly any wind at all” Dave commented “then four days of high winds and  

Powering through the waves

One of many beautiful sunsets

Part of the successful crew

Dave’s put together a video so you can view some of the lowlights and highlights of the crossing.   As if all this wasn’t achievement enough Dave has also managed to raise £1,800 for Meningitis UK.  Well done Dave and great to have you back.