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A helping hand... in the fight against meningitis

Long distance, plutonic, deep and meaningful - relationships come in all shapes and sizes.  If you’re looking for something a little different why not strike up a new one with us.  We’re low maintenance - you don’t need to buy us a birthday card, we’re not concerned if the toilet seat’s up or down and you’ll never need to lie about the quality of our cooking.  You can get to know a little more about us by following us on Twitter and Facebook and don’t worry all attention is quite welcome.


Ok so you’re still reading this so you’re clearly not sold on the idea. So we’ll keep going.  We can pledge some entertainment nay voyeurism by witnessing the crazy things people have done For Lucie.  They’ve cycled, run, walked and sailed literally thousands of miles in her memory.  All that discomfort and pain that you can view from the comfort of your living room, train, luxury yacht.  Go click here and do yourself a favour.



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