Registered charity number 1140709
A helping hand... in the fight against meningitis

Our trustees are committed to working with the charity and we understand that you may want to know more about how they contribute.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of the charity or the work we do then please email the Trustees on:

Trish Page

Jon Page

Simon Eacott

Richard Page

Simon Howes

Dave Lyons

Dave Kirkbride

Sue Phillips

Father of Lucie Page and Chairman of Trustees.  A senior manager for a major international pharmaceutical company who has extensive national and international experience in the areas of sales, training and development, change management and general management.  


Mother of Lucie.  Trish has extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of training and development for blue chip organisations in both the UK and  North America.  Trish has more recently worked with medical professionals in the areas of business acumen. Trish has over 15 years of sales experience and runs her own successful coaching business.

Godfather to Lucie.  A senior executive in a major international financial institution.  Simon has significant and broad ranging management experience at the highest level with over 25 years in payments and change management. Simon lives in Stamford.

Grandfather of Lucie.  A retired mechanical engineer with experience as a senior executive for a multinational earthmoving organisation both internationally and also in the UK. He also owned his own successful engineering business.  Richard is the treasurer of For Lucie and lives in Rutland.


Godfather to Lucie.  A senior marketeer with a blue chip international software provider.  Simon has significant and broad ranging national and international marketing experience over a 20 year period with global IT providers. Simon lives in Seattle Washington State.

Godfather of Francesca, Lucie’s sister. A senior manager with an international communications organisation and has significant experience in the IT development arena.  He works on cutting edge interactive TV solutions.  David lives in Hertfordshire.

Godfather of Lucie. A senior and well respected clinician. David is a consultant anaesthetist and holds a senior post within  Leicester hospitals.  David provides valuable insight and guidance on where and how best we can assist with medical research.

Close friend of the family. An experienced administrator with over 20 years experience working across various industries in the UK and the USA.  Susan currently lives in Warwickshire where she is employed as a legal secretary in a leading Midlands-based law firm.